Best Lwarb servers: Classic, Beta and Lwarb server with mods

Best Lwarb servers: Classic, Beta and Lwarb server with mods

We present you 3 different private Lwarb servers

  1. Lwarb classic – Play with custom brawlers and old maps with better compatibility for older versions of Android!
  2. Lwarb classic

  3. Lwarb beta – Play with unlimited resources, endless boxes, custom maps and unique skins!
  4. Lwarb beta

  5. Lwarb mods – Play with great mods: new skins, modified bowlers, custom maps and much more!
  6. Lwarb mods

Features Lwarb Brawl Stars

Lwarb Brawl Stars is a private server where you can play your favorite Brawl Stars game without spending money on upgrading. Lwarb is a completely free private server on which you can enjoy the game in your own way. Nulls brawl is another private Brawl Stars server that you should try too.

This is the No. 1 private server that provides unlimited options for Brawl Stars players. They can get unlimited resources, boxes, gems and more.

The server brings many free Brawl Stars mods to make you more passionate about the game.

Players receive unlimited trophies, boxes, tickets, coins and gems to play the game for free. This does not upset you from collecting resources from the game. So Lwarb brings resources together so you can freely use them all to move forward.

In the original Brawl Stars game, you need to wait to get resources. Sometimes you get a box and you need to wait a few seconds to move on. This does not apply to Lwarb Brawl Stars. The game runs smoothly and you quickly switch to the game without wasting time.

This is a completely private server for Brawl Stars. It has nothing to do with SuperCell.

It brings an unlimited number of cards, great powers, custom cards and fights for players. You will even find some new characters in “Brawl Stars” while playing on Lwarb. People of all ages love to play with large robots and other characters.

In the same way, various new skins, individual and original skins, as well as some classic skins are available to players.

A variety of new cards makes you feel that every time you play a game, there is a new enthusiasm for playing a unique game on a new map.

In the original Brawl Stars game, you must unlock the skins for each altercation. You pay coins and gems to unlock each skin. At Lwarb Brawl Stars, every skin is unlocked and accessible to you.

You have a great opportunity to discover all the skins that you could never use in the official game. Enjoy using any skin and see the charm of various unique skins.


In the official Brawl Stars game, you have to pay to unlock the rowdy. In the beginning, only a few quarrels are available. There are some brawlers that you cannot unlock because of their higher cost.

Thus, your desire is never fulfilled in order to unlock them and use them in the game. In Lwarb, all rowdy is unlocked. You can use any fighter against opponents. In addition, the official Brawler game takes time to reach its maximum level.

He crosses three levels to get the maximum level. In Lwarb, the bowler immediately reaches its maximum level. In this way, you can experience the powerful power of your Brothers against enemies.

There are only 29 cards in the official Brawl Stars game, but Lwarb offers players a variety of cards. You like to play the game in completely different conditions. Dozens of cards in the game make you enthusiastically use Brawlers in uncertain situations. The battles, armor and high abilities of the Brothers make the game more interesting.

Lwarb is not only a private server, but also a living community. In addition to playing your favorite game, you can share your experience with other players and visitors. You can also share your ideas if you want to make some changes to the game. Will be appreciated if you submit a unique idea. You can play an important role to make the game more interesting.

Download Lwarb for Android

Lwarb Brawl Stars apk is available on 3 different servers. If you want to download the full version, you can get the “Classic Lwarb version” from the link below. Lwarb Classic – server version 16.167. This is an old version. Some features are deprecated, but you will enjoy playing your favorite game on it. The Lwarb Classic server is stable, and players do not encounter an unpleasant situation during the game.

Lwarb Brawl Stars Beta is more interesting due to the large number of modifications and unique features. The server version of Lwarb Beta is 21.77. It contains many latest features. However, players may experience some errors, and these errors can create an annoying situation. In the near future, the full version will be available for players. But you can download the beta to enjoy the game.

Lwarb Brawl Stars Mods – 67 different fighters, new skins, modified bowlers, custom maps and much more!

Download Lwarb Classic


Download Lwarb Beta


Download Lwarb Mods


Download Lwarb Brawl Stars for PC

Lwarb, a private server for Brawl Stars, is currently available for Android, ios, and PC devices.

To play on a PC, you can use the trick to use Lwarb on your Windows PC. You just need to download the Android emulator, which can turn your Windows PC into a device similar to Android. For this purpose, there are different Android emulators.

You can download any of them. In general, Bluestacks is the best of all. It is compatible with all versions of Windows. In addition, it has no compatibility issues with Google Chrome.

  1. Download Bluestacks from here.
  2. Downloading takes a few minutes.

  3. After the download is complete, click on the download link to start the installation process.
  4. Within a few minutes, Bluestacks will be installed.

  5. Now download the Lwarb Brawl Stars Classic or beta server of your choice.
  6. It takes a couple of minutes to complete the download process.

  7. Open Bluestacks and drag the Lwarb APK into the Bluestacks app drawer.
  8. Now double click on Lwarb apk and select “Install”

    The installation process will begin. It seems that you are installing it on an Android device.

  9. After installation is complete, you will see the Brawl Stars icon in the Bluestacks app drawer. Double-click the game to launch it. Enjoy your favorite game on new maps in a new way.
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