Brawl Stars 18.104 for Android. RETROPOLIS HAS ARRIVED + BiBi

Brawl Stars 18.104 for Android. RETROPOLIS HAS ARRIVED + BiBi

Brawl Stars has been updated, client version 18.104. Added a lot of innovations, let’s look at them all!

One of the main updates is the new fighter – Bibi. Another fighter who has close combat and very interesting combat mechanics. But we will talk more about it in a separate topic, where we consider all its functions. Also, not unimportant innovations were held for some fighters. Added new skins, changed some parameters.


New Epic Brawler – Bibi

Main attack: Three Strikes

  • Bibi’s main attack knocks back enemies when her Home Run bar is charged
  • The Home Run bar charges while having all 3 swings at the ready

Super Attack: Spitball

  • Bibi bats a bouncing ball of bubble gum that deals damage and can hit the enemy multiple times
  • Star Power: Home Run

  • Bibi’s movement speed is increased while her Home Run bar is fully charged
  • New Skins

    Hot Rod Brock

    • Special model of the fighter
    • Special effects
    • Cost: 150 crystals

    Bake Sale Barley

    • Special model of the fighter
    • Special effects
    • Special animation
    • Price: 150 crystals

    Bake Sale Barley

    Road Rage Carl

    • Special model of the fighter
    • Special effects
    • Cost: 80 crystals

    Road Rage Carl

    Maple Barley

    There will also be another interesting skin for Barley, but only for a specific region (Canada). At the moment it is not clear whether other players can get it. Most likely this is the first tribute to the beginning of testing the game. Since the very first release of the game Brawl Stars, took place in Canada.

     Maple Barley

    New Event – Retropolis

    New Event - Retropolis

    • New combat locations – Retropolis
    • New music on the menu
    • New background in the menu. This time the backdrop is made quite differently, or as standard. One image contains all the information about the floating element and the background itself
    • New music in the game

    Balance Changes


    • Decreased Super duration from 4.0 sec to 3.0 sec
    • Decreased Star power healing from 300 per sec to 200 per sec
    • Needs now 10 hits instead of 9 to fully charge up Super
    • Main attack effect now better matches the area where damage is dealt


  • Frank’s Super now again stuns the Siege base for the full duration
  • Carl

    • Carl can now pre-aim his main attack while using Super
    • Carl now has a much shorter cooldown for the main attack (can use the main attack more rapidly when the Pickaxe returns after a wall hit)

    New Maps!

    Several maps are now “Retrofied”

    • Gem Grab – Cell Division, Four Squared, Escape Velocity, Spring Trap, Double Swoosh
    • Heist – Rolling Rumble, Bridge Too Far
    • Bounty – Layer Cake, Dry Season

    Maps Removed

  • Gem Grab – Bouncing Echo
  • Heist – Split Second, Corner Case
  • Maps Added

  • Gem Grab – Cross Cut
  • Heist – Pit Stop, Side Story
  • Miscelaneous

    • Rosa Voice Over
    • Supercell ID 2.0 (Will roll out to countries over the next week)

    Bug fixes

    1. Fixed a large number of problems associated with the user interface
    2. Fixed a bug when it was possible to test blocked skins in a training cave
    3. Fixed a bug with incorrect display of the health of the character
    4. Fixed a problem with displaying player status in teams
    5. Fixed bugs on the map collision

    Download Brawl Stars v18.104

    Download Brawl Stars v18.104

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