Brawl Stars Lwarb beta download old + new version

Brawl Stars Lwarb beta download old + new version

Lwarb old + new version Private Server was updated on 06/08/2019

Our servers

You have the choice between two servers:

Lwarb Beta

Server version 18.104, with the latest features but some bugs may appear for some users.


Lwarb Classic

Server version 16.167, an older version than the current but stable and working without problems.

The private server of Brawl Stars will open you all the heroes, no longer will you have to open up the characters for a long time. Also, in addition to everything, you will receive a full set of coins and crystals, which are so necessary in the game.

Do not waste a lot of time on pumping and stuff, download the Brawl Stars hack, install a cheat program and enjoy the gameplay of the game 100% from the first minute. Immortality of heroes will be added later.

We have tried and implemented in this cheat program the most desirable updates for your requests. One of the latest additions is the private Brawl Stars server. With it, you can create and go to your server, or to the same other players.

Further, already on it to make a quick pumping, run, shoot in full measure, in general, have a good time! We offer you to download the private Brawl Stars server to your phone and fully experience the game.

The recent closed beta test of hacking Brawl Stars, in which not a lot, not a few, almost 100 people participated, was highly appreciated by our work. And thanks to the guys for taking part in the closed test! In general, download the private server, install, play !.

Note: Due to the high server load, sometimes there is a problem in which the hacking application does not start. A white screen appears, or even completely, freezes. We recommend just wait and try to come in later. Or, remove and reinstall, but usually the first option always helps.

Download Brawl Stars LWARB new version 18.104 rev 11.2:

LWARB new version

Download Brawl Stars LWARB old version 16.167:

LWARB old version

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