Brawl Stars Mod APK v16.167- Unlimited Gems

Brawl Stars Mod APK v16.167- Unlimited Gems

I can not ignore the side, as many questions about the mod for Brawl Stars came to the post office. There are already several versions, let’s consider one of them.

Modified versions of games have been around for a very long time. Previously, many versions appeared for the piano, but I avoided them in every way. There is no such sense, and there is no particular benefit either.

But this time is a completely different case, we recently learned that a new fighter Jin will appear. Very interesting character and with a new attack mechanics. He will be able to get any fighter and pull him to him. Thus in the game there will be bundles between fighters. For example, Jean + Bull or Frank, and most importantly teamwork.

New fighters on Mod Brawl Stars

Not well-known team OpegitStudio, created a mod called RAGH. What is a mod for Brawl Stars? This is the original version of the game that connects to the official server. But the installation file and internal files are changed.

For example, Nita, received a replacement for Gina, but Shelley replaces the shadow clone of Tara. But Barley replaces the Great Bear from Nita. As a result, we get a completely new and interesting game. But unfortunately, you can play with these characters only in a friendly game.

What are the modifications on the server?

  • Added a map from Robovoy mode in exchange for the Capture of crystals
  • Barley is replaced with Great Bear (this is Nita’s pet)
  • Nita is replaced by a new mythical fighter – Gene
  • Gin Icon – Brawl Stars
  • Shelley replaced by Tara’s shadow clone

It was these fighters who were replaced because they open almost immediately. And also this is done because the use of the mod is possible only with reference to the Supercell ID. I did not take risks and did not use my primary account.

I just logged out and started a new game. For 5-10 minutes I managed to knock out the necessary fighters, after which I registered a new Supercell ID account. I recommend doing the same manipulation to you.

Requirements for installing Braw Stars MOD:

  • Active internet connection
  • Android operating system
  • More than 150 MB of free space on the device

How to install Brawl Stars Mod

  1. Create a second account, knock out 3 fighters: Shelley, Nita, Barley
  2. Bind a newly created account to a new Supercell ID
  3. Remove Brawl Stars
  4. Download the MOD version of Brawl Stars at the links at the end of the post
  5. Install the downloaded installer
  6. Run the mod and enter your new Supercell ID

Connect to the Brawl Stars MOD server

Many may face the problem of connecting to the server. The first thing to do is wait about a minute. If the download did not happen, you will need to use the VPN service.

  1. We download VPN server, for example TunnelBear (it is on iOS and Android)
  2. Run and register in the program.
  3. Next, choose a country, for example, the United Kingdom (try other European countries, I started in this country)
  4. UK TunnelBear
  5. Confirm all the conditions and you will be connected to the VPN at the UK address (you can also disconnect from the VPN in the program)
  6. After connecting, immediately launch the modified Brawl Stars, after not waiting for a long time, the game will load

How to play new fighters in Brawl Stars fashion?

Create a friendly game in Brawl Stars MOD

To do this, create a friendly game and start a fight without friends. If you invite someone, the mod will close until the battle is over.

Brawl Stars Private Server

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