Brawl Stars Private Server

Brawl Stars Private Server

This is Null’s Brawl private server version 16.167 without an activation code, now it is completely free and accessible to everyone.

Server updates were made by adding a new fighter – Carl. You will also notice that the server can be accessed without any code. Those who bought the code earlier get a premium version of the account. The same method of saving premium privileges is used on other Null’s servers.

Nulls Brawl with a new fighter – Karl

Nulls Brawl with a new fighter – Karl

One of the most important innovations is the new fighter. At the moment he has not yet appeared in the original game, but you can already play him on a private server. He is a great fighter whom you will definitely would want to get. I’m probably still far from playing him, since I’m stuck on two other fighters, Spike and Gene. Still, I can not get them, but I managed to play them on a private server, without any restrictions.

Null’s Brawl – free for all

This time you download the installation file, then you start the server and prepare to be surprised, because in this version there are no restrictions and you will not see the code request. The moment has come when Null’s Brawl’s private server goes into public beta testing.

Free access to Null’s Brawl

But for free access some restrictions are included, for example, accelerated commands are not available. Also, you can not create a clan, but you will have the opportunity to join the existing ones. This is not the end of the restrictions, you cannot enter a color nickname yet, for this you will have to purchase a premium version.

How to keep premium on Null’s Brawl

If you have previously acquired an activation code, then you should never delete the old version. To save premium features, you need to install a new version over the old one.

After a successful upgrade, you should keep a premium account. You can do this by linking your profile to the social network.

  1. Open the settings on the server Null’s Brawl
  2. Click on the “Connect / Connect” social network FaceBook
  3. In the opening window, enter data from your account
  4. After successful login, the window will automatically close and the green connection button will be activated

After this manipulation, if you even accidentally deleted a private server, you can still return the premium account. To do this, you will just need to log in to the social network.

List of changes in Null’s Brawl 16.167:

  • Null’s Brawl is now free for everyone
  • Added a new fighter – Karl
  • Updated client server to 16.167
  • Removed accelerated teams for ordinary players
  • Major teams are available only to premium players

Brawl Stars Private Server

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