Builder Hall 9 Clash of Clans is Coming

Builder Hall 9 Clash of Clans is Coming

The developers published a video where they showed that a new level of Base Builder 9 (Builder Hall 9) will appear in the Clash of Clans.

New version of Clash of Clans was released 18 june 2019. Download apk file.

In the video they show us how the builder finished the work of creating a new home builder. Then he transfers his duties to the robot, where they showed us this Builder Hall 9.

Builder Hall 9

Please note that even the plan for the construction of 9 home builder, very similar to the previous level. In any case, we will learn more details later.

But this is not all, the video showed that the builder finishes the job and transfers his duties to the robot.


He does this by passing on his ax, after which this little robot rushes to build a base. Most likely, he will build the 9th house builder.

After that, the builder goes to an ordinary village on the barbarian, who fled here for 2 years from his native village.

I found a video where one video blogger published a video with an update on BH 9. The building itself was not shown, as the developers decided to postpone this moment a little. But now we know that the improvement on BH 9 will last 6 days.

Most likely the update will take place after the end of the clan league. As you get different magic items that will allow you to quickly pump on the Builder Hall 9. I will try to improve one of the first, pump half of the buildings and build an interesting arrangement for Builder Hall 9.

When is the june 2019 clash of clans update get released?

This Thursday (6/13) we will get another Sneak Peek, probably the last one, revealing the long waited “Operation Blue Skies”, a Legend League revamp that should fix the Clouds. Since we usually don’t get updates on Fridays, we should get the update next week, probably Monday or Tuesday.

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