Clash of Dreams – Clash of Clans Server

Clash of Dreams - Clash of Clans Server

Most recently, I came across a new server that removes the limits of the Clash of Clans restrictions! Many new items or what is Clash of Dreams?

I started writing a review about Clash of Magic and was upset that there were no teams on it. More precisely, they are, but not yet functioning, and I was too lazy to pump everything by hand. But surprisingly, they sent me an interesting server, which I had not seen before.

After downloading it, I saw that the developer was going his own way and making a private server according to its ideal. At first you will be greeted with a new soundtrack screensaver. Then you get to the village, click on the “OK” button, and that’s it! You find yourself in a world where there are no restrictions, you do not need to go through the initial screen saver, unlimited server in your hands.

Clash of dreams

You can’t tell much about the server for Clash of Clans. All because I started to get involved in them back in 2015 and I played on almost everyone. Why, you say? All because the site requires a lot of image data, which I don’t have yet. I also love to get high-quality screenshots that are made in the game itself. Servers just help to do this without any restrictions.

On the server Clash of Dreams, we have a question over the graphic part. All because the developer considered it necessary to shove his name wherever possible. You will see it on the field, in the chat, in the settings and much more. This does not really affect the popularity of the server. I noticed this in silence in the global chat and the inability to see top clans.

New warriors on the server Clash of Dreams

The usual village on the server is done according to the rules, there are troops from the night village, the main one and not only. They also added units that were temporarily added to Clash of Clans.

For example, Giant skeleton or pumpkin barbarian, which I would like to see in the original version always. Just on the server you can enjoy these characters enough. Also in the training camp you will see the troops from the village of the builder, they are not accidental there and fit very well.

Clash of Dreams – Builder’s Village

In the night village of the builder, everything is not so good, you can get the maximum level. Just this is DS 8, which is not yet in the original version of Clash of Clans. Everything is done very simply, we register the team and get the last house of the builder and the fully pumped village. By the way, it can be very useful for database builders, but the base editor works through time.

Fights, too, can not highlight themselves good anything, the search begins and seems to be working, but there are shortcomings. Sometimes the server just reboots, and sometimes it just goes a long search. I managed only to fight a couple of times with the enemy at level 8 of the builder’s house. I would say that this result did not impress me, there are servers where the whole thing works much better.

Download server Clash of Dreams?

For me, this server is a kind of alternative. All because he is always online, whenever I try to log in, he is a worker. That’s why sometimes I run it to confidently get everything I need from the server. But from the side of gamers who would like to get the most from Clash of Clans, I would not advise. The fighting in the night village work once a time, but everything functions in a normal village.

Commands to the server Clash of Dreams

  • / cut – remove all obstacles
  • / easy – get the maximum base
  • / help – get all commands on the server
  • / id – id your account
  • / refill – maximum resource level
  • / suicidal self attack
  • / tsarbomba – remove all buildings
  • / upgrade – the maximum level of construction

This team has different actions on the village. If you are in the village of the builder, then the teams will act only there.

System requirements

  • Android 4.2+
  • 120 MB of free space
  • Active internet connection

Download Clash of Dreams – Clash of Clans Server

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