CLASH OF DREAMS V 6.3 Private Server Clash of Clans

CLASH OF DREAMS V 6.3 Private Server Clash of Clans

Earlier, I showed you this private server, this time it was updated and received a new version of the client. Not running the old version? Update!

This client update, according to the developer, was implemented on Clash of Clans v.11.446. Also assigned a new version of the build for the server 6.3. More logos of the server itself have been added, but now the stability of the online has become higher.

For all the time testing a new version, I have never seen the connection icon and this is a good indicator. Also, the developers have implemented a version for iOS devices, I will publish it separately, where the instructions for installation will be published.

Clash of Dreams v.6.3

The private server for Clash of Clans is currently not a popular topic. But there are certain guys who like this topic very much. For example to me, I really like to go to the server to spend a lot of gems and try to build any arrangement to popularize Clash of Clans.

Namely, already on private servers, you can try to build a balance for level 12 of the House of the builder. This level is still not available in the original version of the game, for this we will use the servers.

Main village on COD 6.3 server

The usual village, with which it all started everything is fine. You will already be unlocked 12 level fence for all items. Also, the situation with the characters is not very clear, they remained at the same level, which means they can only be pumped up to level 45 and the Guardian level 20.

In addition to the usual heroes, the creators of the server decided to go further to the green glade and add a hero from the night village.

Night village / Builder village server COD 6.3

The village of the builder has not changed at all, but the 8th level of the builder’s house is available for you. There is also a significant advantage of this server, you do not need to build and pump every element manually. For this there are commands that will speed up the process of using the private server Clash of Dreams. If you have the skills to build constellations, then you can take up this process and send us your creations. This can help you server, where there are no restrictions.

Fights 1 on 1 in the village of the builder, looking ahead, I will say that they work very poorly. That’s because if you try to click on the “To Battle” button, then once in a while the client and the server will give an error. This has a very negative impact on the game and the ability to conduct battles, although they work. I even managed to attack, but all the bases are basically similar to yours.

Commands on the server Clash of Dreams 6.3

As I wrote earlier, for faster pumping on the server, you can use commands. They are well simplify the relationship with the servers, below is a list. According to the developers, they come up with new teams that have not been used anywhere else. Also soon we will see new items on the Clash of Dreams server.

  • / cut – remove all obstacles
  • / easy – get the maximum base
  • / help – get all commands on the server
  • / id – id your account
  • / refill – maximum resource level
  • / suicidal self attack
  • / tsarbomba – remove all buildings
  • / upgrade – the maximum level of construction

System requirements

  • Android 4.2+
  • 120 MB free space
  • Active internet connection

Download Clash of Dreams (COD v.6.3)

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