Clash Royale Private Server Null’s Royale v.2.6

Clash Royale Private Server Null’s Royale v.2.6

This time, with lightning speed, the guys from the Team Null’s team managed to upgrade the server to the actual client version. Meet Null’s Royale v.2.6 with new maps and an arena.

The second time private server Null’s Royale is updated first. The actual version of the original game came out just a couple of days ago. And during this time, the developers of the private server, managed to update their code. It’s amazing that everything works and you can update, just install apk over the old version.

The server is not just updated, but also received the promised functionality. Modified maps that are not in the original version of the game received a star level. Moreover, the implementation has touched not only the stars, but also the main idea. This is the landing of maps with a stellar level in arenas.

Innovations on Null’s Royale v.2.6

Wall murals should appear soon in Clash Royale. But you still cannot play them, but the server will help you to get acquainted with this card. The map retains all of its original data and is perfectly implemented.

New Bo card on the server Nulls Royale 2.6

At the moment, Bo has a strange original name, but this does not prevent its use. This is a legendary card with little damage and copying the sounds of a magical archer. The indicators are still different and the cost of using it, too. Previously, you could play this card in the piano, but only in the test. Now you can use this card as much as you want. Since the card is available to all players, both premium and free version.

New Shell Card on Nulls Royale 2.6 Server

Also, a new character that was added to the game, for the sake of advertising a new game from Supercell. With this card you could only play in the test, so in the original you probably will not see it anymore. But on Null’s Royale server, you can use this card in any of your deck. Sounds are used from the Bandit, and the data is provided from the original map data.

New Arena – Creepy city server Null’s Royale 2.6

A new arena was added to the server, which is available when you first enter the server. If you are a premium player and you want to try out this arena, you can go down to cups. Well, what else to say, the arena is very cool and available already in the original version of the game.

Star Levels on Null’s Royale 2.6 Server

Star levels received all the maps on the server, from the original to the modified versions. As I noted earlier, not only the stars and the appearance on the menu were realized, but also the original landing on the arena.

Commands on Null’s Royale v.2.6 server:

Commands allow you to quickly upgrade your account. You can also reset all data to standard.

  1. / help – request available commands on the server
  2. / clean – reset the account to its original form
  3. / premium [code] – this command activates the premium, the code can only be bought
  4. / full – pump all cards to the maximum level
  5. / unlock – unlock all cards
  6. / skin [name] – select building skin
    • gold – skin from gold rush mode
    • gem – skin of the towers from the gold rush mode
    • pump – skin from x3 elixir mode
    • xmas – New Year’s skin of the towers

List of changes to the server Nulls Royale v.2.6:

  • Upgrade client server to v.2.6 (newer does not exist)
  • Added map – Wallstones
  • Added map – Bo (character from Brawl Stars)
  • Added map – Shelly (character from Brawl Stars)
  • Added a new arena – Spooky Town
  • When you first start you will have 3600 cups and a new arena
  • Changed clan war, now the war will begin if it finds at least 4 clans
  • Bug fixes and server improvements

Download Clash Royale Null’s Royale v.2.6

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