Download Brawl Stars Private Servers 15.169 APK

Download Brawl Stars Private Servers 15.169 APK

The developers of Null’s Team have updated the private game server Brawl Stars to the latest client version 15.169.

The server has been updated to a new version, which means that new graphics and fighters have been added. What else is very pleased, this is the opportunity to play with bots. Earlier in the previous version, in order to try to play with the server members, we had to cooperate. Since the server is not distributed absolutely free, there are very few players on it.

Private Brawl Stars server with gin

The new version of Null’s Brawl unlocks all game modes. But as the developers say, you still can not play, because the online battles have not yet been finalized. But in any case, in the near future we will be able to enjoy the game Brawl Stars without restrictions.

List of changes in Null’s Brawl 15.169:

  • Updated the server client to the latest version 15.169
  • In a training fight, you can play on any map
  • Added new fighter – Gene
  • All players accrued 2000 cups
  • Added the ability to change the nickname
  • When changing the nickname, you can set the color nickname
  • When selecting other game modes, the server is no longer restarted
  • Ability to select the interface language

Brawl Stars Private Server

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