Download Clash of Clans the latest version of june’2019

Download Clash of Clans latest version june 2019

New version of Clash of Clans was released

Enjoy the new loading screen for the June Clash of Clans update.

Download Clash of Clans latest version june 2019 11.651

Download Clash of Clans

Naturally, the new background is associated with a dark village, as it will be the house builder level 9. And it is even difficult to imagine what more attention will be attracted to. Night village or main, where the change is much greater. In any case, this update can be considered one of the largest in the history of the game.

After many years, the developers decided to change the structure of the legendary league and simplify the ability to search for the enemy in the Clash of Clans.

Many have waited for this for a long time and we can say that they no longer hope for a simplified search for the enemy. If you do not know, then as soon as you go to the legendary league, the search for the enemy becomes endless.

The higher you go up to the cups, the longer the search, sometimes a magnifying glass can spin for hours. Now everything will change and you will have the opportunity to attack and go up to the cups rightly. This means that to raise the cups you will need to pump your skill and break the base preferably into 3 stars.

Operation: Blue sky

Trophy mountaineers are among the most hardcore and elite players in Clash of Clans. They like to compete and go up in cups, but unfortunately, they can’t play as much as they want. All because of the large number of players online and a smaller offline. According to this, in the June update, the multiplayer game will change in the game when it reaches 5000 cups.

Legendary League Review

Legendary League Review

When you collect 5000 cups, a new option will appear in the battle menu. Instead of comparing you with other players, you will be provided with the button “Register in the legendary league” to organize matches in the legendary league.

After registering, a fixed number of (8) attacks and defenses will be available every day in the Legend League. Each attack will bring you up to 40 trophies, but you can lose them when attacking. Fortunately, now you can make these attacks at any time, and you do not need to waste time searching for the enemy. If the attacks are not used, they are lost and do not move to another day. After the end of the day, your attacks will be updated and a new search for opponents will be made.

Download Clash of Clans latest version june 2019 11.651

Download Clash of Clans

The duration of the season remained unchanged, for this duration will be one month, and every day is now called the day of the league. The number of available attacks and the number of defenses your village can take will be dropped every day. After the end of the season, the cups will be dropped to 5000.


You can attack at any time, you can make all the attacks in a row. But as soon as you complete all available attacks, you will not be able to launch the attack again until the next day begins and the number of attacks is updated. Thus, you do not need to wait now for hours in the magnifying glass of a new base, everything is available immediately, it remains only to attack well.


Going to the legendary league, you can use a different arrangement and choose the troops for the clan fortress. The arrangement you have chosen will remain active until you decide to change it (instant activation).

By choosing a constellation, you can also determine the army in the clan fortress. You have the opportunity to choose which donated troops to use in the clan fortress. After selecting, you will not need to replenish them after each defense (attack). The selected units will remain in the clan fortress until you decide to change them.

The Shield work in the Legend League has also been changed (details below), so you can be attacked when you are online. But you should not worry, because you will not lose resources.


The functionality of the shields has been changed and their role in the legendary league. According to this, if you get a shield in the legendary league, you can take a break from the day of the league. By purchasing a shield, you cannot attack while the shield is active. In fact, buying a shield will suspend your position in the legendary league.

The purchase shield will be valid at the beginning of the new gaming day. For example, if you purchased a shield in the middle of a gaming day, the shield will be valid only the next day. Cancellation is also valid, canceled in the middle of the day, the action will stop only the next day. If you fall below the legendary league and acquire a shield, then it will act as usual for all leagues (that is, as before).


In the legendary league, you get after reaching 5000 trophies. But if at the end of the day you fall below 4900 cups, you will automatically return to the normal organization of attacks. According to this, to get the maximum number of trophies in one day of the league, you need to make the most effective attacks. And also you will need to choose a quality arrangement to withstand the powerful attacks of opponents.

  • For 0 stars you will receive 0 cups + 1 trophy for each 10% of destruction above 0%
  • For 1 star you will receive 5 cups + 1 trophy for each 9% of damage above 1%
  • For 2 stars you will get 16 cups + 1 trophy for every 3% destruction above 5%
  • For 3 stars you get 40 cups

Resources and Star Bonus

Earlier, I already wrote that when an enemy attacks you, you do not lose resources. Receiving resources is organized in the legendary league, as well as in the clan war. By this you can get a certain amount of resources, which is determined by the success of your attack. However, the developers saved the star bonus and you will get it when you reach 5 stars in attacks.

The maximum number of resources for TX 12:

  • 450,000 gold
  • 550,000 elixir
  • 6500 black elixir

Fewer bases will have fewer resources available, but the star bonus remains low. In addition, your attacks in the legendary league will be counted in clan games and seasonal trials.

Download Clash of Clans latest version june 2019 11.651

Download Clash of Clans

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