Download Null’s Brawl v.21.73 – latest version of Brawl Stars server

Download Null’s Brawl v.21.73 - latest version of Brawl Stars server

The developers from the Null’s team have updated the private server to the latest current version of the official client 21.73. Download and see what’s new in Null’s Brawl?

Despite the new Sandy character, the private server received an important innovation. Namely, from now on, Null’s Brawl supports devices based on x86 processor architecture. This means that playing with all the fighters without any restrictions is now possible on mobile devices running the Intel processor, as well as emulators for personal computers.

This innovation limited some players because their game simply did not start. Therefore, this update can be considered a breakthrough among the developments of the Opegit Studio team.

Null’s Brawl 21.73

This update will appeal to all players in Brawl Stars who have not yet reached 6,000 trophies. Since it is by reaching this milestone that you can get a new 9-Bit fighter. But fortunately for you, you will not need to fill the cups for a long time and hard, as now you can try this fighter on a private server.

If you still do not know, then the new character, this is a walking slot machine, he shoots rays from a blaster. But this is not the most important thing, its super-ability can increase the damage of teammates.

And now you are rushing to download this server, but wait, I haven’t told you everything yet. After all, this is not all the advantages, since you could already get this fighter for a long time and it is even possible to pump it to the maximum level.

But you obviously have not had time to get stellar power, at least 2 pcs. But on the server you can try both of its additional features. And the second one is pretty cool, because it can rise after its first elimination, a very cheating piece.

Commands in Null’s Brawl

You can use commands in clan (club) chat. List of all commands:

  • /clean – reset your account (will keep score, clan and brawlers that has score > 0)
  • /delscore – set all brawlers’ score to 0
  • /status – show server status (online, used RAM and other)

Download Nulls Brawl

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