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Brawl Talk

Free brawl pass and premium cost

New brawler, new skins, Brawlpass and much more on Brawl Stars
The main novelty of the Brawl Talk , which has made so much talk in recent days is the Brawlpass of Brawl Stars, many criticized it because they talked about Pay2Win and others praised it because it is a very nice novelty to add on Brawl Stars. Let’s see how it works and above all how much it costs.

Then the Brawlpass will first have two versions, the free version for everyone and the paid version (premium). In the free version it will be possible to conquer gems, brawl cases, huge cases (as in the image above) while in the premium pass, in addition to these prizes, we will also have a guaranteed chromatic brawler.

More Details About Brawl Pass

Now they’ll be guaranteed drops on that track which is really nice so everybody can see what they’re getting and when in addition the brawl pass will have quests to speed up your progress cosmetic items you’ll be able to see everything you can unlock ahead of you and you’ll get more rewards than you did before we are so excited for this feature and the first brawl pass season will be called tara’s Bazzar it’ll be 170 gems.

Skins for Both May & June

let’s talk about skins frank what do we have coming in may so first we have rogue Mortis yes you have the right new Mortis skin then we have guard Rico, tropical sprout and to celebrate supercell’s 10 year anniversary we’re gonna give you a free skin on the day of the update barba

Download Brawl Stars GALE APK soon

Brawl stars private server download soon

Nulls Brawl apk with Gale soon

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