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Nulls Brawl

New version Null’s Brawl 26.170 here

Null’s Brawl has been updated by the internal server, added a new fighter and minor improvements.

I am glad that the guys from Null’s Team are not abandoning their servers and modifying all the functionality. This time the changes are not so significant, but they are important to the general view. At this time, reworked functionality with a list of online users in the clan.

Implemented update game modes every two hours, that is, the cards will be constantly changing. But most of all I was pleased with the news that a friendly room would be realized. In the future, you will be able to organize battles with your friends or clan members.

New fighter on Null’s Brawl server

New fighter on Null’s Brawl server

  • Name: Mr Bombs
  • Type: Mythical
  • Health: 4760
  • Attack – Mines Damage: 588 (Throws a few bombs at their enemies!)
  • Super Damage: 3360

What are other news?

  • The status of online players in the club (clan)
  • Maps and game modes are updated now every 2 hours
  • For premium players, the “/ addscore” team adds 195 cups to each fighter, giving you a total of 5460 cups for your profile
  • Already implemented part of the functionality for friendly rooms, will work a little later
  • Many bug fixes and fixes
  • Improving and enhancing the server for online battles

Online fights on Null’s Brawl server:

Fights do work, but unfortunately not always. If you can’t get into any game mode, just try again later. At the moment, with each update, noticeably improved and improved stability. If you managed to play at the very beginning of the development stage, then you know how it was. Now we are getting a truly working version, which will soon give us a fully functioning fighting server for Brawl Stars.

You may notice that two fighters are in the respawn zone, and not just. Many players can hang up a bit and this is exactly the case. Some fighters may not behave as planned and in the future it will all be corrected. About possible bugs and errors, I recommend to describe in more detail in the comments under this post.

Also please note that if you lose or win, there will not be credited cups to your account. The screenshot above shows that the end of the battle takes place as an error. And after you click the “Try again” button, the server will reboot and you will be taken to the initial screen.

How to upgrade Null’s Brawl?

Please note that this update takes place on the server side. Therefore, the client itself, which is installed on your device, does not need to be updated. All because the required updates will be loaded from the server side.

Download Null’s Brawl

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