Lwarb Beta 16.167 Rev.8

Lwarb Beta 16.167 Rev.8

The #1 Brawl Stars Private Server

Lwarb Private Server was updated on 06/08/2019

Play your favorite game Brawl Stars on free private server Lwarb. Feel free to enjoy a new gaming experience

  1. Lwarb is the #1 private emulated server of Brawl Stars game.
  2. It’s 100% free, 100% uptime and everything is unlimited, (resources, boxes)
  3. Come with us to enjoy our uniques mods and discover a new way of playing to your favorite game, guaranteed fun!
  4. A team is available on our forum to guide you if you need.
  5. Do not wait any longer and join us by installing Lwarb!

On this server you start with unlimited resources and you have boxes that you can open to infinity. So you progress very quickly, finished the frustration of waiting!

Download Lwarb Mods

On this server the basic game is very modified, you have new skins, damages caused by your Brawlers are changed, weapons are not the same, and many other changes!

Download Lwarb Beta 16.167 Rev.8


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