Lwarb Beta 16.167 Rev.9

Lwarb Beta 16.167 Rev.9

LWARB Beta rev 9

We are pleased to announce the new version of LWARB, we have updated most of the program code. Hurry up to upgrade and dive into the world of Brawl Stars without limits.

We are forced to release the next new version of our server. We managed to advance in terms of developing and improving server stability. We also decrypted most of the files that are responsible for online battles on the server.

Therefore, we no longer need to invent everything from scratch, since we will take most of it from the finished product. At the moment, LWARB, is ready to provide battles with participants. In the near future, we will report on test battles that will be held in a private club (clan). In order not to miss and try battles with players, subscribe to our social networks in the contact section.

LWARB Rev 9 – download update

On May 8, we released a new version, you can download and install it from two cloud services. If they do not suit you, please indicate in the comments where to publish the server yet. In version R9, we rewrote most of when, which is responsible for connecting to the server. Errors should occur less, if you have any problems, be sure to report this in the comments.

How to properly upgrade?

On our site we collect all the basic information about our server. We have already told you how to properly upgrade, you do not need to delete the old version. To save your gameplay, follow these instructions. This guide is designed for Android devices and not just. Since in the future we plan to release a version for iOS devices. For this, follow the news on our website.

Download Lwarb Beta 16.167 Rev.9

DOWNLOAD Lwarb Rev.9

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