Lwarb Beta 17.153 rev 10

Lwarb Beta 17.153 rev 10

Lwarb Beta 17.153 rev 10 apk free

Our server supports an updated interface, just like in the original game. Except for the ability to open boxes in uncountable quantities. From them you can get all the fighters who can also pump. But to get the star power, you will need to restart to the server. We are still developing this function and possibly in the future we will implement it in the form of accelerated commands.

We decided to leave the fighters in simulation mode, so you can interact more on our server.

At the moment, access to online battles is available at certain hours and not for all. We are still testing the possibility of competitions on the LWARB server. But you can already participate in battles with pumped fighters in friendly battles. To do this, you need to activate the window using the “CREATE” button, at the bottom right.

What is on the server LWARB:

  • Unlimited boxes
  • Endless tickets, coins and gems
  • Added all fighters, including – Kral and Jean
  • In the event list, all modes and maps are available
  • LWARB works around the clock
  • Implemented star power for all fighters
  • We also constantly update the server and soon realize online battles

Download private server LWARB 17.153 rev 10:

DOWNLOAD Lwarb 17.153 rev 10

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