Lwarb Beta 18.104 APK FREE

Lwarb Beta 18.104 APK FREE

The developers of the LWARB private server have updated the server to version 18.104 and added a modified Rose.

Just yesterday Brawl Stars was updated to version 18.104, and the creators of the server got their next job. But the guys of this server have to spend a lot of time on the implementation of the new version. After a large amount of time, they managed to realize, though not perfect, but a working version of the latest version of the client.

Dual feeling, it seems, waited for a new fighter on the LWARB server, but this is not enough. Yesterday’s update brought everyone down and now the desire to play as a fighter Bibi is much more than Rosa.

In any case, this is a long-awaited breakthrough in the development of private servers for Brawl Stars. Also at the moment it is not clear whether the developers from the lwarb team can upgrade the game to the new version.

The individuality of this server is in the modified fighters. Each unit is individually modified in attacking characteristics. Someone has increased the attack radius, and someone has the modish impact. In this case, Rosa is shown, in which Super accumulates quickly and her strokes are much more powerful. And also each modified fighter has an increased speed of movement.

I recommend everyone to try all the fighters in turn, because playing with endless ulta is very cool. The only thing that remains to wait is the online battles that should appear in the near future.

Changes in Lwarb Beta 18.104

  • Upgrade client version to 18.104
  • Adding a new fighter Rose
  • Adding all skins for fighters (+ own development)
  • Adding a modified rose
  • Adding all modified fighters
  • Adding a command for fast leveling

Commands on the LWARB server

  • -max – pump fighters to the maximum level
  • -reset – reset account to default settings

To use the commands, you need to change your name to the commands that are written above. You will see that your nickname is cheating on the command, but this is temporary, so that the entered command takes effect, you need to restart the server.

Download Brawl Stars LWARB new version 18.104

LWARB new version

If the new version of Lwarb does not work, you can play as long as the stable old version 16.167

Download Brawl Stars LWARB old version 16.167:

LWARB old version

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