Lwarb beta 18.104 with Bibi + Video

Lwarb beta 18.104 with Bibi + Video

This time, the developers of the LWARB private server were the first to upgrade the client to the latest version (18.104) with the new BIBI fighter.

Third-party server developers do not cease to amaze, they are very talented. In a short time to be able to adapt the original server data to a new client. Especially knowing that the team consists of a couple of people.

In any case, I have already managed to test LWARB beta 18.104 and tell you, this is cool. But in any case, we still do not have enough multiplayer. By this one has to use all unlimited resources and Bibi at the maximum level in friendly battles.

Bibi on the server LWARB 18.104

The most important innovation, this is of course a new fighter, which many have not yet opened in the original Brawl Stars. Bibi is a very interesting fighter who brought us a new type of attack and thus new tactics.

But what distinguishes Bibi on the server and in a regular game, because in there and there you can play them in a training cave. The first difference is the maximum level and the star power test. After all, even if you got Bibi, then you will not discover the star power soon.

Discover the star power for any fighter

Star power on the LWARB server can be opened using the boxes. As you can see in the screenshot above, more than 10,000 boxes are initially available for you to open. But it is very long and if there are teams, why just waste time.

To do this, go to the settings, and open the menu to change the name. There you need to change the nickname to the following name “-max”, without quotes, 2 times and confirm.

After this, we reboot the server, the old name will return and the fighters will activate to the maximum level. To all this, you will be available stellar power for all fighters.

Modified fighters on the server LWARB v.18.104

As an example, I will show you the MOD on Bibi, as you see this fighter just went berserk. Its super does not end, and this means that it can be used without any pauses. Also, each modified fighter has a lot more health, which allows them to fight almost without dying.

You will find a mod for each fighter in the usual list, where there is a regular version of the unit and a modified one. Also do not miss the browsers in the form of robots, which also have unique abilities. I told you about them in previous posts.

New skins for fighters

Opened new skins for fighters who have not yet appeared in the official game. But fortunately you can play them without waiting for the official release.

Skins names:

  • Mad Carl
  • Barley with buns
  • Maple barley
  • Streetcar broker

List of changes in LWARB beta 18.104:

  • Update server client to the latest version
  • Added new fighter – Bibi
  • Updated interface
  • Added new skins for fighters
  • Added mod for fighter Bibi
  • Added new maps

Download Brawl Stars LWARB 18.104 with Bibi

LWARB with Bibi

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