Lwarb Beta Rev.7 – Brawl Stars server

Lwarb Beta Rev.7 - Brawl Stars server [Update]

The first modified private server LWARB for Brawl Stars. The server has been updated to version 7, to update, you need to download a new installer.

LWARB ranked first on a modified version of the Brawl Stars server. In the previous version added redundant fighters with strong characteristics. Some of them are covered in gold color and enlarged. And the usual indicators can surprise everyone, as accelerated movement, shots, and more.

This time, a few extra fighters were added to the server. And this time they are new characters, but they are also in the game. Namely Robots, in the original version of Brawl Stars you are fighting against them. And on the LWARB server you can play robots with incredibly strong features.

How to get new fighters on the server Lwarb Beta? Unfortunately, there are currently no accelerated commands on the server. By this, robots-fighters can be opened through the boxes, of which there is an unlimited number. Open hundreds of boxes and get new fighters. But skins get a lot easier, they are available for the crystals, which are also very much on the server.

List of changes on the server Lwarb Beta rev.7:

  • Added skins for mod. fighters
  • Added 4 new fighters: FAMINE, DEATH, WAR, CONQUEST
  • Increased server stability

Download Lwarb Beta rev.7:

DOWNLOAD Lwarb Beta rev.7

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