LWARB Update – Brawl Stars Private Server

LWARB Update - Brawl Stars Private Server

Well, the wave of new private servers for the game Brawl Stars has gone! This time the LWARB server appeared and you need to tell you about it.

I noticed this private server a few weeks ago. I wanted to talk about it right away, but the server was often offline. Since then, LWARB has received several updates and stability has increased. Added a new fighter – Karl, as well as Gene and Leon. You can open them from the drawers and get power points for them too from there.

The benefit of restrictions on the opening of the boxes are not any. On the first screen you will see all the beauty of the server, a bunch of gems, tickets, coins and trophies. Or rather, they are charged with each new server visit. But this is not all, in the store you can add yourself coins and crystals for free.

LWARB Private Server


Pay attention to the number of available mailboxes, I think you will not be able to open them all. From the functionality, commands are not available on the server, so you need to open the fighters in the boxes. Also, to improve a certain fighter, you also need to accumulate power points. In any case, this is a kind of simulator of the game Brawl Stars, but without restrictions.

Open the boxes on the server LWARB

On the server you will also find all sorts of skins and you can immediately apply them. According to the developers, they will constantly update the set of covers for each fighter.

Skins for fighters on the server LWARB

Online battles as I already wrote, not working, if you go to battle, the search box will last forever. But you can try a friendly fight, where you can play any fighter with a cool skin. With the creation of the club, too, the trouble, you initially belong to one clan and you can not leave it. And most likely the social part on the server is simply not completed, as it often does not work at all.

Advantages of the LWARB server:

  • fully hacked version of Brawl Stars
  • free gems and coins
  • endless opening of boxes
  • server online 24 to 7
  • skins for fighters
  • all fighters are available, including Karl



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