Miro Clash Private Server Clash of Clans

Miro Clash Private Server Clash of Clans

MiroClash – server with giant heroes

Updated private server Miro Clash, to the current version. Upgraded to 12 town halls and modified the village builder.

One of the coolest servers in my opinion. Here you will find a truly working village builder. But this is no ordinary simulator, as on other servers. All because the night village is modernized and can entice any fan from Clash of Clans.

After installing the server, you will need to enter a nickname and read the short instructions. After that, the world of flare will be available to you, without restrictions You can quickly improve the village, with the help of commands. There are a lot of fast teams here, I have never seen such a list anywhere. What exactly they do will be described at the very bottom.

Main village and huge heroes

Sooner I began to tell you about the night village, as the main one is also interesting. After installing all the standard buildings, instantly install heroes. One by one, to understand the whole buzz of this server.

Here they are simply gigantic and you will not find such on other servers. Restrictions on the training of troops either, prepare as many units as your device can withstand.

Unlimited Builder’s Village

As soon as you play enough on the usual bases, activate the night village. It is also abruptly implemented without restrictions on the training of troops.

Pay attention to the number of military camps. They can be installed in the number of cells of the entire field. Therefore, the number of warriors is limited only by the field. The fighting vehicle in the night village is also gigantic, it looks shocking.

MiroClash is a great fan server that will give you a lot of emotion. Here you can try the flared world without limits. We will share with you the November update. It will be possible to download from three sources, but if the server is updated, we will update the links.

What is interesting on the server?

  1. Infinite gems
  2. Giant heroes
  3. Unlimited number of troops to train (in both villages)
  4. Modified builder village
  5. Accelerated teams
  6. Replaced melodies with mix tracks

Basic commands:

  • / maxlevels – pump buildings up to the maximum level
    (example: / maxlevels 1, this is for the main village)
  • / ownbaseattack – attack your village
  • / maxresources – to hammer resources to the maximum
  • / resetbase – reset the database
  • / id – your account ID
  • / setbase – set the base for various tx (specify the town hall in th3 … .th11 or bh3, … bh8)

Installation requirements:

  • Android 4.3 +
  • Free memory: 150 MB
  • Active internet connection

How to install?

  1. On the links below we download the installation file
  2. Go to any file manager and click on the downloaded APK file
  3. Wait for the installation and start the server

Download MiroClash 2019 MARCH

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