Mod of the new fighter ROSE in Brawl Stars

Mod of the new fighter ROSE in Brawl Stars

How to play the new fighter – ROSE in Brawl Stars?

This time it will be a question of the modified version of Brawl Stars. Mododels have already made a version where you can play a new fighter – ROSE.

If you have a great desire to play a new fighter, then you will need to delete the game Brawl Stars. So make sure your account is linked to your Supercell ID or Google account. It is best to tie your account to Supercell ID, a simple system for authorizing your accounts.

How to play Rosa in Brawl Stars before release?

Before the advent of a new fighter, at least two more days, and they want to play now. This method is only for Android devices, so further the instruction will be only for devices that support this operating system.

  • Remove Brawl Stars
  • Download this mod and install it
  • we start and go through the initial stage of training
  • Open the selection of fighters and find Rosa there
  • Choose it and you will see all the detailed information about the Rose
  • You can’t play it in online battles with it, but with the help of the new “Test” function, Rosa can play

To get back the original Brawl Stars, remove the MOD and install the game from Google Play.

This mod will allow you to fully experience Rosa, you will be able to see her super-ability and not only. In fact, a very cool character and her popularity will go off-scale. Also, in the near future, we are waiting for the update of private servers, most likely there will be no problems. The developers of Null’s Royale have already unsubscribed and have promised to do the update already this weekend.


Mod ROSE Brawl Stars

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