New defensive building: LAVA LAUNCHER

LAVA LAUNCHER has a long range. Pieces of lava fly from it, which set fire to the ground. An area is formed that deals damage over a period of time. The troops in it are damaged.

The update of Clash of Clans was released 18 june 2019. You can download apk file here.

Well, that this defensive building is available only on the home builder level 9. But looking ahead, we can assume that there will be many gamers who quickly pumped to a new level and install the source of lava. In any case, this building is frightening, since it has a large radius, a scattered strike and medium damage.

  • Range: 10-20 tiles
  • Damage type: Area Splash
  • Favorite Target: Any
  • Targets: Ground
  • Build Time: 24 hours

Description: Hurls molten rock over great distance. Sets the ground on fire, which really turns up the heat for enemy ground troops!

New building: O.T.T.O Hut

 New building: O.T.T.O Hut

New building – hut OTT.O. She will appear at the ninth level of the home builder. It will be necessary to improve the hut to open the OTTO.O. – the latest invention of the main builder. For this you need to fulfill several conditions.

The principle of improvement is different from what it was before. Resources will not be needed, but you will have to complete … OTTO will be the second builder in the village builder.

O.T.T.O is the Master Builder latest invention

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