New update of Brawl Stars 26.165. NEW BRAWLER: JACKY

New update of Brawl Stars: Brawlgadgets

After a short wait since the last Brawl Talk, the Brawl Stars Brawlgadgets update is finally available with lots of news to discover.

Let’s briefly summarize the news introduced in the latest Brawl Stars update :


Collect over 30 new gadgets
Gadgets add new skills to brawlers
They are only available for brawlers who have already reached level 7


Jacky is a super rare brawler
He holds the role of tank
The scope of his attacks is short
With his jackhammer he damages the enemies close to her!
NEW BRAWLER: Sprout(coming in April)


New skins
Map changes
New environment
New functionality for those who leave underprivileged
And so much more!
Now let’s delve deeper into what is coming with the new Brawl Stars update!

Download Brawl Stars 26.165 for Android APK


The new gadgets of Brawl Stars

What are these new gadgets? In practice, brawlgadgets have been introduced for each brawler in the game, a new special ability that seems to enhance all the weak points of each brawler. These brawlgadgets can be obtained through the opening of brawl boxes or through the purchase from the store and will be available only for level 7 or higher brawlers.

But there are also limits on gadgets, for example they cannot be used in the Thirst for power mode, or the damage done with the gadgets does not load the Super bar.

There is also excellent news for those who organize tournaments, such as us at Brawl Stars Italia and eSports Mobile, in fact there will be an option in the friendlies to disable gadgets or to activate them at will.

Description of all gadgets on Brawl Stars
Official source Supercell, therefore beware of fake leaks made fun of on the web and on youtube.

Rosa instantly creates bushes around her that provide shelter from enemies

Crow receives a 3.0-second shield that protects him from 60% of the damage taken

Brock missiles the ground to rise in flight and cause 500 damage to nearby enemies.

Dynamike whirls around and hurls a myriad of sticks of dynamite around them, each of them causing 700 damage points to enemies.

Penny detonates her mortar, which ends up destroying walls and dealing 1500 damage points to nearby enemies.

8-Bit teleports immediately to his damage booster, destroying it.

Tick sprints away from the nearest enemy, leaving a mine on the ground.

Pam causes the turret to emit a healing discharge that recovers 1200 health points to herself and her allies.

Bo places a totem that reloads his super and that of the allies who are in the area of ​​effect of the totem.

Cue shoots bullets of bouncing bullets in all directions.

Nita orders the bear to violently hit the ground, creating an earthquake that paralyzes all nearby enemies.

Carl drops a series of boiling rocks along the way that inflict 300 points of damage per second to any enemy you step on

Maxine dashes forward towards the closest enemy and, while doing so, is immune to any damage.

Barryl twirls on himself firing shots in every direction.

Bombardino creates a sticky puddle with its concoction, slowing anyone who steps on it.

Frank Once the gadget is activated, Frank removes any paralysis he is undergoing and becomes immune to paralysis, slowdowns and rejection.

El Primo grabs the nearest enemy and throws him behind him with the same ease with which he turns a tortilla.

Bull instantly recovers 1,500 health points.

Jessie uses her turret to create a shock wave that slows down enemies in the area of ​​effect.

Mortis spins the shovel, dealing 1300 damage to all nearby enemies.

Tara and her allies are able to see all enemies, even those hidden in the bushes for 5.0 seconds.

Spike casts 3 waves of thorns in all directions, causing 520 damage per hit.

Eugene immediately pushes back all enemies close to him and recovers 1000 health points.

Pocho and his allies recover 500 health per second for 5 seconds.

Jacky receives a rush of energy that allows her to increase her speed by 38% for 3.0 seconds.

Piper fires 4 quick hits at the nearest enemy, causing 400 damage per hit.

Mister P powers the active assistant on the field, increasing the damage he causes by 150 points and his health by 1000 points.

Bea drops a honeycomb that slows down all enemies in the impact area.

Shelly leaps forward using a hook attached to a rope.

Colt instantly reloads revolvers with 2 shots.

Emz jumps all nearby enemies backwards and deals 500 damage to them.

Bibi recovers 600 health per second for 4.0 seconds.

Leon confuses enemies by making a copy of himself.

Sandy falls asleep on the spot for 2.0 seconds recovering all health.

PSG CUP arrives on March 19th!
Guys you have 2 days to train with your best teammates for the PSG CUP, a challenge very similar to that of the Brawl Stars Championship only that instead of having 15 challenges in 5 different modes, they will be 9 challenges in 3 Footbrawl modes with 3 different maps.

Why complete the PSG CUP? Once the PSG CUP has been won, the final prize will be a special Shelly skin in the PSG version, and if you cannot win it, you can buy it from the store in the future.

ATTENTION: As for the brawl stars championship, you will have 4 possibilities to complete the PSG CUP!


Null’s Brawl with new brawler Mr. P! 25.107

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