New version: Lwarb Classic + Lwarb Beta

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New version: Lwarb Classic 16.167(6) + Lwarb Beta 18.104(17)

Lwarb Beta is another private server, but with modified fighters and unlimited resources.

The popularity of Brawl Stars follows every step in the development of Supercell games. After all, with this company, each game occupied a pedestal among popular games. But the only disadvantage of these games is, it is earnings on the built-in purchases. After all, the games are free, but profitable promotions will always be paid.

Therefore, the development in the game is very long, in order to pump to the maximum level, you need to spend more than one year. In this regard, there are many different tricks. At the moment, in the form of private servers that remove any restrictions.

Lwarb Beta’s private server will allow you to test any fighter, pump him to the maximum level and get a star power. All this can be done in a matter of minutes, which attracts many players. But we all understand that we cannot quit playing the original game. On this game on the servers, you can call pampering, but without restrictions.

Lwarb beta

This server has already received 17 updates in a row, and we didn’t get around to telling it. You can install it with the second application, that is, you do not need to delete the original game. Also, server updates are very simple, the installation takes place over the old application.

Opening the boxes

Initially, thousands of mailboxes are available on the server, of course we proceed to the opening. After all, on Lwarb Beta you can get fighters, only through the opening of various boxes. Lesson fascinating, because in almost every opening you get a new fighter.

This is not in the original Brawl Stars. You may also notice that the number of units is not standard. All because, there are modified fighters here, but more on that below.

Robots fighters

The developers managed to add as many as 4 individual fighters. Namely, the robots you are fighting against in Roborubka are in the original version of Brawl Stars. A really cool idea and I want to play with robots in the first place.

Just look at the size of this mega-robot, it is really big and strong. I think everyone saw his abilities in the roburuk, everything he knows is now at your disposal. There are a total of 4 robots that really change the whole balance in the game. It will be interesting to see this fighter in online battles.

Pay attention to their amount of health and this is only on the first level. Each robot can be improved, for this you need to accumulate power points. You can also do this through the boxes, opening them, you get all kinds of improvements, including stellar power.

Modified fighters (Super Saiyan)

Each existing fighter is duplicated in an aggressive form. Take the example of Bull, it is here that I will show you how the ordinary fighter differs from the modified one.

The characteristic shows the difference only in the amount of health. But the differences are much more significant, since apparently it has already been increased. Also its speed indicators are changed, it quickly runs, reloads and shoots. In words it does not convey, for this I wrote down a small gameplay exactly how the mod-Bull looks like on the field.

Initially, the acceleration was done with the help of a video editor, but then Bull continues to act by himself. Just look at this tower bull, it lays down any fighters in seconds. As I said, this mod is added to each fighter. So you have the opportunity to experience everyone.

Lwarb Classic – stable 16.167(6)

Server version 16.167, an older version than the current but stable and working without problems.

Download LWARB Classic 16.167(6)

Lwarb Beta – experimental 18.104(17)

Server version 18.104 – 17, with the latest features but some bugs may appear for some users.

Download LWARB beta 18.104(17)

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