Nulls Brawl 18.104 with new brawler Bibi! Unlimited gems and gold

Nulls Brawl 18.104 with new brawler Bibi!

Null’s Brawl is the most stable private server Brawl Stars that is currently in the world. Play and enjoy. We are constantly updating private servers, if some one does not work, write in the comments.

Finally, the new Null’s Brawl 18.104 came out with the fighter Bibi. Null’s Brawl is an unofficial Brawl Stars game server with unlimited gems and gold.


  • Battles with bots
  • All brawlers can be unlocked
  • All skins can be unlocked

Changes and new features

  • New fighter Bibi with a unique gameplay
  • Brawl Stars 18.104 for Android. RETROPOLIS HAS ARRIVED + BiBi


  • New card design – Retropolis
  • Retropolis

  • Error correction

We are working hard to make Null’s Brawl PvP battles real, but it takes an enormous amount of time to complete them. We expect that everything will be done in June or July 2019. Because of this update, Premium Server is disabled.

Remember that this server is not connected, approved, sponsored or specifically endorsed by Supercell, and Supercell is not responsible for it.

Commands on Null’s Brawl private server

To use the commands you need to join any club and write in the general chat.

/ clean – reset account upgrade, removes bravelers without cups.

/ delscore – Remove cups from all bravelers.

/ status – Server information (uptime, online, etc.).

/ unlock – Unlock all characters. (The Command is only available to premium players).

/ full – Blow all unlocked characters to the maximum level. (The Command is only available to premium players).

/ addscore – Gives all unlocked bravlers 85 cups. (The Command is only available to premium players).

If you have any questions please write in the comments.

Null’s Brawl with Bibi Latest Updates! May 28, 2019

New skins



Installing Null’s Brawl

  • Do not delete the old Null Brawl account
  • Download the latest version of Apk from the link below and install the update, just overwrite
  • This is necessary to protect your old account
  • The game does not require an unlock code

Problems with the server?

Brawl Stars The Null Private Server is designed to entertain people who play Brawl Stars. He regularly undergoes maintenance, and if you have any problems, you can report them to the developers, and they will work to fix them.

The server is serviced every 24 hours. Therefore, if the game does not work for you, clear the game data, restart the game, restart the application, and everything should work.

Nulls Brawl 18.104 with new brawler Bibi!

Download Null’s Brawl with Bibi

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