Null’s Brawl 19.111 – Brawl Stars. New server update with Tick

Null’s Brawl 19.111 - Brawl Stars. New server update with Tick

The developers of Null’s Server, have updated Brawl Stars – Null’s Brawl private server to version 19.111. Added new skins and a new fighter Tick, as well as multiple improvements and improvements.

To upgrade Null’s Brawl to a new version, it took developers a lot longer. It so happened that we are accustomed to receive the update almost on the fly. But this time something went wrong and the creators of the server, have released an almost perfect product. They only managed to realize online battles, albeit with limitations.

Also here you can fully compete with opponents and stuff trophies, doing it at the maximum power of any fighter. At the same time, any skin is available to you, for example, skins from the entire FUR series are available on the server. And everyone will want to play with them, because in the original version, they are very expensive.

Null’s Brawl 19.111

In addition to the new hero, which everyone has long received in the original Brawl Stars, all skins and more are added. Earlier, I described all the added skins from modders, that is, modified ones that are not in the normal game. For example, a modified Bo, which looks very cool, in the same place you will see at least a cool skin for El Primo.

But this is not the most important thing, because new passives have appeared in the game, they are also stellar forces. And they appear in the game with a certain periodicity, or rather once a week, 3 new star forces for different fighters.

By this, if you want, then you still can not try out all passivki at once in the original. And it does not even rest on the problem of obtaining them, but simply in the absence of them in the game.

The new store design and the ability to select skins, all this was also updated on Null’s Brawl.

List of changes in Null’s Brawl 19.111:

  • Update the installation file to version 19.111
  • Added new skins (robo, fur and others)
  • Interface update
  • Improved multiplayer mode
  • Added new maps
  • Added new unique stellar forces for fighters
  • Updated balance
  • Increased server stability

Null’s Brawl 19.111 with new brawler Tick!

Download Nulls Brawl

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