Null’s Brawl Private Server Brawl Stars

Null’s Brawl Private Brawl Stars Server

Not so long ago, the first private server appeared, which is dedicated to the Brawl Stars game. Null’s Brawl is called and you can already play it.

For me it was a great surprise, but the game has not yet strengthened, but it has a third-party server. As always, the best guys from OpegitStudio, tried and made the best product. In early January, a server pre-launch was launched for a limited number of people.

But many did not want to enjoy the server alone, and they distributed the installation file all over the Internet. After that, the server can be accessed using a special code that can be purchased from the developers.

Null’s Brawl Private Server

The private server Brawl Stars from Russian developers is the only one in the world. They managed to implement all modes and almost all fighters. At the moment on the server there is only one fighter – Leon. But with this ailment, the creators promised to resolve the issue in the near future.

What version of server client?

At the moment the server is distributed under version 12.198. Although at the moment the final version of the official game is already 16.167. As I wrote above, the developers wrote that the server will be updated soon.

Null’s Brawl Update

But this will only happen after another of their Null’s Royale servers has been updated to version 2.5.

What modes are available on the server?

At the moment I have recorded 4 modes. But it was possible to play only on one, this is a collision mode. Where not 10 people are recruited as usual, but only 4 players. This is due to the limited number of players on Null’s Brawl. As soon as the server is available publicly, it will be possible to expand on all game modes.

Fighters on Null’s Brawl server

At the moment, there are 21 fighters on the server. Each of them you can pump to the maximum level with just one team. Well, or perform this manipulation manually. As I wrote above, only one legendary fighter is not available, this is Leon.

Clan (club)

Don’t forget about the union of our friends and fans of the server Null’s Brawl. Where also implemented the clan and chat, where by the way you can enter accelerated commands.

Commands on Null’s Brawl server

There are 3 commands available on the server to help speed up the pumping or return to the very source. To find out what teams are on the server, enter “/ help” in the club chat.

  • / clean – reset the account and return the fighters to zero level
  • / full – pump all fighters up to level 10
  • / unlock – unlock all fighters

The order is a little wrong, all because you need to act like that. First, use the “/ unlock” command, then immediately enter “/ full”, after which we get the maximum level of all fighters.

Gems / Crystals on Null’s Brawl Server:

Endless gems on Brawl Stars server

Crystals on the server as much as you can not spend. They are immediately credited to your account in the amount of 1,000,000 gems and you can also purchase them in the store.


Unlocking server Null’s Brawl

When you install Null’s Brawl server, you will not see the usual game lobby. Since you will be given a window with a request for a code in which you will need to enter a 12-digit code. To do this in the official server group, you will need to write to one of the admins who will give you a code for a fee.

If the activation window does not appear and asks to update the game, then your device is not supported. It usually happens on emulators and old devices.

Download Null’s Brawl server:

Brawl Stars Private Server

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