Null’s Brawl Private Server Updated

Null’s Brawl Private Server Updated

Null’s Brawl updated and added star powers for fighters

The development of the private server Null’s Brawl is very fast and this time we have gained stellar power for all the fighters.

The popularity of this north spread to the whole world. Movies and YouTube appear hundreds of a day and all this is dedicated to the server Null’s Brawl. The other day, the creators reported that the server was subjected to DDOS attacks, but most likely it was the influx of users. After all, if you go in and enter the command / stats, you will see a large number of online players.

We look forward to online battles to fully enjoy the endless Brawl Stars.

List of updates on the server:

  • Opened the ability to create clubs (clans) for all server members
  • Star forces for fighters have been added, you can get it with the help of the / full command (at the moment only for premium players)
  • Improved software code
  • Elimination of minor errors

How to get stellar power on Null’s Brawl server?

For this, you must have a premium account. You can get it with the help of developers, contact them and they will give you a premium for a nominal fee.

To activate the star power for all fighters, go to the clan chat and enter the command / full.

Online fights on Null’s Brawl server

The development of online battles is already underway for several weeks. A couple of days ago there were test battles, unfortunately they were not crowned with success. But the developers are not discouraged and they say that in the next couple of weeks, battles will be available for premium players. For all others, the date is scheduled for May, but if possible earlier.

Download Null’s Brawl server:

Null’s Brawl Stars Private Server

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