Null’s Brawl updated 17.153

Null’s Brawl updated 17.153

The developers of Null’s Team, as always, are quicker than the announced deadline to release the new version of the server Null’s Brawl v.17.153.

For the umpteenth time server Nulls is updated with the times. For us, this is only a plus, a new version, new features. Added a new fighter who has not yet appeared in the Brawl Stars, under the name Rosa. This is a very cool fighter who will take first place among the tanks. Therefore, curiosity and the desire to play them, arises for everyone.

Perhaps you know about a new way to play any fighter in the original game, this is a training cave. But on it you can play only at the initial level. And on the server you can play a rosa without any restrictions. More precisely, you have the opportunity to get a star power and pump it to the maximum level.

And this is not all, also an updated interface appeared on the server, with a dark new tab. Also added all the updated functionality, for example, in the form of changing the color of the nick in the profile.

New fighter Rosa on Null’s Brawl server

If you have a regular account, you can get a rosa from ordinary boxes. If you are a premium player, then everything is much simpler, to open all the fighters, just enter the “/ unlock” command. That’s exactly what I did, after which, I pumped it to the maximum level with the help of the / full command. Finally, you can try the star power of the Rosa, because you can play it on any map.

New maps

New maps were also added to the server, one of the most interesting is the Trolley without brakes. Now you have the opportunity to play a rosa on the map with the trolleys. A total of 8 new maps added.

I also noticed that there is a shift in the boot window of the battlefield. The error no longer appears, and the search lasts forever. But you can complete it by clicking on the “Exit” button.

Full list of changes in Null’s Brawl 17.153:

  • Transformation fighter – Bo
  • Added a new fighter – Rosa
  • Added 8 new maps
  • Updated interface, added a dark side menu
  • Implemented the ability to change the nickname for gems and its color
  • Added logic to search for opponents
  • Accelerated the server

Download Null’s Brawl server 17.153 + ROSA:

Null’s Brawl server 17.153 + ROSA

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