Null’s Clash – Best Clash of Clans Private Servers APK

Null’s Clash - Best Clash of Clans Private Servers APK

Null’s Clash is a Clash of Clans unofficial game server with unlimited gems and gold.

Current version: 11.651.10


  • Clans
  • PvP and PvE
  • Challenges and self attacking
  • Clan wars
  • Commands
  • Builder base

You can use commands in global and clan chat. List of all commands:

  • /clean – reset your account (will keep score and clan)
  • /full – upgrade all buildings to max level for your town hall
  • /th (level) – upgrade town hall to specified level (example: /th 12)
  • /asp – attack your village
  • /cct – remove all spells and troops
  • /sethero (name) (level) – upgrade specified hero (king, queen, warden or builder) to specified level (example: /sethero king 40)
  • /status – show server status (online, used RAM and other)

Another great server from OpegitStudio developers, this time with everyone’s favorite Clash of Clans. Meet Null’s Clash!

Over the past month I have reviewed a large number of grand piano servers, and for Clash of Clans. All of them are different in their own way, but it’s very difficult to find a stable server at the moment. Therefore, I suggest you try a server called Null’s Clash. One of the most interesting servers, as well as this server, perfectly implemented the night village.

Are you looking for clash of clans mod apk? Do not worry you landed right. You might have searched for the same before too but most of them fake you and you didn’t get anything. But I keep promise on priority. I will surely share you the working clash of clans hack apk. So if you are looking to play COC game with unlimited coins, Elixir and many more then stay here.

Because today I am going to provide you with the latest version of Null’s Clash, it is a new TH 12 update mod file through which you can directly get everything unlimited. You might be like me who love to play games with freedom where there is no shortage of anything, and at the same time, we rule the kingdom. If you are the same, then this hack is for you. You are allowed to download clash of clans hack mod 2019 for free and the best part, you don’t even need the rooted phone. The apk which I will share today will work in every device.

About Null’s Clash – Clash of Clans Private Servers

Clash of Clans is a server-based online multiplayer game. Players from around the globe connect to supercell’s server using Clash of Clans application. The app works as an intermediator between the server and the users. If any changes are made by third-party developers in the app, Supercell servers won’t allow it to connect to other users thus banning the user from accessing the game.

Now, to be able to play this game using a modified version, a player needs to have a proxy server. This proxy server acts as a Supercells server and allows players with Clash of Clans mods to be able to connect with each other.

Builder Village on Null’s Clash Server

According to all the canons of Clash of Clans, you can completely plunge into the new dark world of the game. On the server you will not see any restrictions, and most importantly, these are working fights. For all the time testing various servers, I did not see a single normal concept of attacks in a dark village. Null’s Clash is implemented on a solid five and here it can compete with everyone.

I draw your attention to the level of heroes, they can also be changed using the team. All the commands that are on the server I will indicate at the bottom of the review.

In the night village, the 8th level of the builder’s house is added, as well as all the corresponding buildings. An unlimited amount of resources also operate in the night village. Fights work the same way as in the original version of the flare, perhaps even better. That’s because almost all the opponents found are pumped to the maximum level. Winning, of course, is not so simple, but the skill level increases and in a regular flare it will not be so difficult for you.

Advantages of Null’s Clash Server

  1. Unlimited resources
  2. Endless gems
  3. Builder’s working village with attacks
  4. Added commands to the server to speed up pumping
  5. The server is online 24 hours a day.
  6. Average online players: 2000
  7. Ability to save various layouts
  8. Clan Wars work

Root permissions for Installing Null’s Clash Private Server APK?

Installing COC private servers on any Android device does not require root access. The APK files for accessing the servers can be installed like regular Android applications. The lastest 2019 version of COC private server even allows users to switch between the Supercell servers and private servers.

Also, the privileges required for installing the APK of these servers is not at all different from the original Clash of Clans application available on PlayStore.

Features of Null’s Clash Private Server:

  1. Unlimited Gems: Gems are more precious than anything. If you have gems, you can buy anything from the COC store. Gems are costly if you buy it. Yeah! You were getting unlimited coins though. What if you get unlimited gems too? It will cut down one purchase step, and you can enjoy a little more early.
  2. Unlimited Gold/Coins: Taking risks and attacking to the enemies resources to take away coins or gold is time-consuming? Well, you don’t have to worry about on such things because you were getting all unlimited for free. No limit on spends. Now spend unlimited and build a massive army hassle-free.
  3. Unlimited Dark Elixir: Upgrade heroes, troops with unlimited dark elixir and keep your stress away. Because I know how much pain it gives.
  4. Unlimited Elixir: Wanna upgrade your barracks or troops without worrying about limited Elixir? Then this mod is for you. Download it today and get this creepy thing out of your road.

Learn How to install the Null’s Clash APK File on Your Device

  1. This is a Step by Step Guide.
  2. Cool that you have downloaded the Null’s Clash on your mobile device.
  3. If you have original COC game installed on your device First Uninstall it.
  4. Go to the downloaded folder and Click on the Null’s Clash Apk file to install the game.
  5. Make sure you checkmark on the unknown sources before installing.
  6. To check marked on the unknown sources go to settings then security you will get the option.
  7. Now installation Started
  8. Hurry you have installed the Null’s Clash Apk on your mobile, now what are you waiting for enjoy playing the game with unlimited everything.

What’s new in Null’s Clash Latest Clash of Clans Update?

The best thing about is we are dedicated to providing the updated mod frequently. And we keep promises on the priority. Below I will share and update the content ASAP the mod is updated and inform you about the latest features which enabled in Null’s Clash.

The store is upgraded to some more magical spells which you can buy or claim after winning multi wars.

Now you can easily manage seven clans war. Before it was few now in the upgraded version, you can battle with 7 clans. It means more joy.

You will still get the 1 vs. 1 mode enabled but inclusive of 7 battle clans. And later you can battle with the winners of the game.

Still, if the mod has unlimited everything powers, you need to win the war, to earn the ranking. Lossing the war means you lose the war perks and then the game server will lower down your rank. And if you lose matches more than you win, then it will affect more. So try to win every match which can result from better war ground and rank which builds your fame.

This is what updated in the recent COC game. You have to stay tuned to know more about the updates. Wait! Wait! Do not go anywhere. If you fond of watching excited COC battle on Youtube and love to strategies your gameplay then have a look at the most exciting battle below.

Download Null’s Clash

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