The first private server Brawl Stars v.19.102 – LWARB with a Brawler Tick [MOD]


The long-awaited update of the LWARB server to the new version 19.102, where a new fighter and new skins were added. And also updated many menu items and more.

Developers from the LWARB team, who manage to develop 2 game servers at once, do not cease to please. They have a classic server where they develop online battles, and beta, which gets all the possible innovations.

I was glad to see the new version of the Brawl Stars mod, where all the stellar forces have already been implemented and they do not need to wait. As in the original game, additional passivki will be added throughout the summer. But thanks to this fashion, we do not need to wait and we can consider new skins, with new stellar forces.

Server with a Tick fighter

As you can see, in addition to the new Brawler, a new background in the menu was applied on the server. But for us the most important thing is that you can play with Tick, this is a very interesting fighter. And what is most interesting, its classic look is not the only variation. Since the server provides a modified Tick, which has enhanced features.

A modified tick is an extra fighter that can only be obtained on the LWARB server. He has an infinite Ulta Super and at the same time its speed is increased several times. In short, this fighter received an increase in all characteristics several times.

Open all the stellar forces

If the new browser does not surprise you, then the available all the stellar powers of all the fighters will make everyone inquisitive. That’s because you can’t open them, even with an infinite amount of gems in the usual Brawl Stars. This is due to the fact that developers add them every week for several months. Thus, they attract players, constantly go into the game and increase their resource data. On a private server LWARB, you have no restrictions, you can use any stellar power and carefully study it on any fighter.

All new skins

Of all the most important innovations, you can note the available new skins. Which is also not easy to get, they can not even be purchased now, as you need to expect them in the store. But on the server, you are open at once all the skins for any fighter. And most importantly, FUR-Skins are already available, which are very cool!

In order to use the skin, just go to any browser and choose the skin you like.

Available skins:

  • Gangster colt
  • And many others.

List of changes in LWARB v.19.102:

  • Shop update and overall design
  • Adjust the balance of the game with the fighters
  • Updated design for fighter Tara and her sounds
  • Updated Bibi’s voice
  • Added new beach cards
  • Added new fighter – Tick
  • Added new skins
  • Added mod fighter Tick
  • Added all available star power.
  • Minor fixes

Download LWARB v.19.102:

Download LWARB beta 19.102

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