Update MiroClash Clash of Clans Private Server

Update MiroClash Clash of Clans Private Server

MiroClash – server with TX 12 and electro dragon, siege machines

MiroClash is a new private Clash of Clans server that has been updated to the current version and supports the 12th level of the town hall, the new unit – Electro Dragon with new siege machines.

This is the second server that has been updated and is already functioning perfectly well with new levels of facilities. One of the most important innovations was TX 12 and it was implemented in the best way on the server MrioClash. There are well-developed attacks and the possibility of pumping at the new level of the town hall.

All five levels have been added and can be obtained absolutely free and without any expectations. Thus, it is possible to reproduce the full-fledged level of the town hall with new units and siege machines. Yes, yes, Electro Dragon and siege machines were added to the server, they are also made by ordinary warriors.

As I already described above, the main village on the MiroClash server is equipped with all the innovations. But one of the most important elements, which may attract many players, and on the contrary, will alienate others. This is a modification of the server, where there are no restrictions, it concerns buildings, troops and resources.

Buildings can be installed as much as fit on the field, but with a unit where much more interesting. For the military camp there are practically no restrictions, all because in total you can train 80,000 soldiers. This is not a small amount and not every device will be able to withstand such loads.

Unlimited military camp on the MiroClash server

The training camp is also diverse, you will not see in it the usual set of troops. As befits a modified server, all possible units are added to the training window. Here you will see a new dragon, a combat airship, a wall destroyer and that’s not all. You can also train in large quantities heroes, troops from the village of the builder and Easter units.

Troops on the private MiroClash server

The dark village will not surprise you much, but according to all the rules of the Clash of Clans servers, there are no restrictions on gems. If you activate the builder’s village, then you will see the ready-made arrangement immediately. That is, you will not need to build everything from scratch, but you will need to pump the hero and warriors manually.

Builder’s Village on the MiroClash server

But after you improve your warriors, you will have the opportunity to war up at maximum levels. Didn’t play a wagon or minions? Now you can practice and gain additional skills to attack in the original version of the flare.

Attack in the village of the builder on the server MiroClash

Advantages of the MiroClash server:

Main village:

  • 12 level of the town hall
  • Electro Dragon
  • Siege Workshop
  • Level 13 fence
  • Combat Airship
  • Wall Breaker
  • Workers attack in the main village
  • 80,000 soldiers in a military camp
  • Unlimited number of buildings
  • Unlimited resources

Builder’s Village:

  • 8 level home builder
  • From the very beginning all the buildings were built
  • Worker attacks


  1. / maxlevels – pump buildings up to the maximum level (example: / maxlevels 1, this is for the main village, figure 2 for the night one)
  2. / ownbaseattack – attack your village
  3. / maxresources – to hammer resources to the maximum
  4. / resetbase – reset the database
  5. / id – your account ID
  6. / setbase – set the base for various tx (specify the town hall in th3 … .th11 or bh3, … bh8)

Download MiroClash 2019 April

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